And if you were here

And if you were here brokenness would be mended with the most intricate of stitchings. And if you were here the pride of destruction would be conquered by the hope through humility. And if you were here darkness would cower before the dominion of light. And if you were here the heartstrings of all children … Continue reading And if you were here


rain shadows

rain comes down and makes silhouettes of trees onto the sidewalk and the fringes of trees are traced in rain soaked cement and i think to myself that we tend to focus so much on those dark patches that surround the beauty of life and we miss it when we spend more time looking down … Continue reading rain shadows


and may those moments where silent melancholy overwhelms the already brisk air never perfectly mold and shape and bend into the exact piece of that little empty spot in my soul


the trees held betrayal but they didn't know that their production would cause a choice that ended in destruction. but a nation built homes and fires and temples from those trees in order to serve the one that planted them. but little did they know that the trees would eventually bear the one who created … Continue reading trees


i wish i was a writer who could be the catalyst of emotion in the hearts of the people whose eyes connect to my words that connect to their brain that connect to their soul i wish i was an artist who designed masterpieces with a pen that would make people question the world around … Continue reading passion.