you are the sunset painted so beautifully in the sky you are the resolution of a dissonant chord you are the scent of the ocean wrapped into a being you are the tempo that my heart keeps time to you are the comfort after a period of nightmares and even now, you are the metaphor … Continue reading you.


please don't take my heart. don't take it like all of the others and mold it into something foreign; walk all over it like it's your dominion; break it into pieces that will never fit quite the same again. please, instead, take my hand. take my hand and show me the delights adventure can bestow; … Continue reading taken.


And so they searched. They searched high and low for their newly enthroned king that had vanished like a morning fog; quickly and all at once. Though the fog was lifted the clarity they had was miniscule. The other kings remained pursuing justice, control, and valor, yet the king, their king, pursued goodness and was … Continue reading search.