the gardener.

the pulse in my veins only exaggerates the dissonance i feel between my mind and my soul. oh, how beautifully they intertwine to create this uniqueness of mine. but oh, how they fight and wear me down in the night. this depression that stems from anxiety this sadness that blooms from worry; it never feels … Continue reading the gardener.



there are a million definitions given but none fully address the complexity that is brought. a silhouette without definition but every indications of beauty. a reach that ends with a handful of fog, but a desire to try again, and again, and again. how i long for words to fill that empty chasm where your … Continue reading define.


you are the sunset painted so beautifully in the sky you are the resolution of a dissonant chord you are the scent of the ocean wrapped into a being you are the tempo that my heart keeps time to you are the comfort after a period of nightmares and even now, you are the metaphor … Continue reading you.