i wish i was a writer
who could be the catalyst of emotion
in the hearts of the people whose
eyes connect to my words
that connect to their brain
that connect to their soul

i wish i was an artist
who designed masterpieces with a pen
that would make people
question the world around them
and recognize the immorality of beauty

i wish i was a lover
who made people around me feel valued
not in the hollywood sort of way
but in a way that they never had to second guess
the vast affection that i held

i wish i was a musician
who plucked away sadness with a single chord
that made people use their feet
to flee from the realities that the world
bestows so cruelly on them

i wish i was a beauty
who was unique and stunning
that caused people to turn heads
and made myself not hate just that
every time i looked into a mirror

i wish i was extraordinary
who was brilliant in more areas than one
but i know that is unrealistic
because the search is on
to find out where my soul finds comfort
because i know someone has laid it out for me
now it is time for the search


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