the clouds, the sky, the sun.

my head and my heart interact like clouds and the sky

how the clouds take so many shapes
and forms and colors.
they build up tears
until the day they are released
into the unknown
giving a freedom and a sense of relief.
they become ivory castles
on the clearest of days
thanks to the brilliance of the sun

how the clouds contrast with the sky;
the deep blue that is subject to change
to either contrast those beautifully
oblong forms or transform
into the likeness of the darkness that
the rain causes them to possess.

but the sun does wonders
for both the sky and the clouds.
for the clouds don’t block the suns rays,
but intake them and show the
world how the rays stream through
to make the world bright.
the sky lightens from the darkest of blues
and transforms into the most beautiful of hues.
because the sun is always there
through the navy and the gray
it is never gone
even when the night comes
the clouds and the sky
know that the sun will return
and bring life to the creation
that the clouds and the sky
are blessed to contribute to everyday.

and so even though my heart uses my eyes to be clouds filled with tears
and my mind becomes darkly ridden with sadness-
i know that the sun is still there
and i know that the sun is the source of all things good.







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