the tree.

once there was a tree
with the most magnificent of roots;
the most elegant of branches;
the most abundant of fruits.

but then the weather accumulated and
knocked the tree down-
the branches became broken
with fruit scattered on the ground.

the tree tried to regain
the strength it once had,
but the weeds were overgrown
and the fruit had gone bad.

the tree lost hope
and longed to rot away,
until a man happened to be
walking by it one day.

the man loved the tree-
every broken branch it contained.
and the tree was so happy that
it was found and saved.

for the tree wasn’t looking for hope
by the time it was found
it was ready to be
engulfed by the ground.

but the man was good,
O, he was good,
for he cared for that tree
like nobody else could.

the man was abundant
in all of his grace;
now the tree was rooted in this man’s love
for the rest of its days.


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